Just Who is your Builder?

*Ten Questions before you buy or build

  1. Who is your Builder? Is his credit in good standing?

  2. Where does he live and where is his office?

  3. How long has he been in the business of building homes?

  4. Is he insured for Liability, Workman's Comp, etc?

  5. Who, besides your Realtor, will vouch for him, and are his references local?

  6. Will he give a set of Home Specifications before the sale?

  7. Will he give a copy of his warranty before you buy?

  8. Where can you reach him in case of an emergency?

  9. If a serious structural problem occurs after you move in, is he financially able to assume responsibility?

  10. Will he be around in another year or so?

*Clip this item for your file


Any competent builder will be happy to answer the above questions,


the realtor who has your welfare in mind will gladly provide you with the answers.


It's your financial future! Ask questions!



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